Friday, July 23, 2010

Safety first

I am planning to run for a long time as long my health and time permits.

One of the main concerns for runners (and parents still care...hehehe) is our safety.

I just read Ilyana's blog about RoadID bracelet with the information on it.

So I have decided and bought myself a RoadID tag.

You can have a look of the product at

Here how my RoadID will look like. Look forward for the parcel to arrive home soon

A first hand experience to triathlon.

I just started to learn how to swim at the tender age of 34 (LOL!). So, no, I am not doing the triathtlon event by myself at this point. There is an event, Port Dickson triathlon which will take place this Sunday in PD (duh!) A friend invited me to join his relay team after his friend has to pull out at the very last minute. I agreed to the invitation immediately, as this will be the chance for me to be part of this triathlon experience.

I will be doing the running discipline, 10km distance. The other two disciplines will be swimming 700m and bicycle ride for 4okm.

Back to my swimming lessons, slowly but surely, I have improved over time and deep down in my heart, I would like to try compete in triathlon in future. I need to be more confident in the water and breathing properly.The bike bit shouldnt be a problem. All I need is to start clocking mileage.

So let's see how it goes this weekend....I will let you know about it....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Introduction

My name is Irwan and I am a running blob.

It turns out many of my fellow runner friends have their own blog sto share their experience in the running scenes.

Hence, I am becoming one of those people and in the future, I am planning to share some of my experience in the running scene.

I started running in a competition by a coincidence. At the time, in July 2008, my friend Zetty asked me if I want to take part in a 10km run. It was Siemens Run. Without any hesitation, I agreed to the idea and it was a start to my 'addiction' to running.

During the Siemens Run 2008 weekend, I had an eventful Saturday prior to the run. It was so busy, that I went home at 3am after the club closed. I had a couple of hours sleep and by 7am, I was all eyes and bursting with energy raring to go for my first ever running competition

It was kinda blurred experience for me but I did clocked a great timing though. If I was not mistaken I clocked 58mins for the 10km route. Not bad for a rookie huh? But then the aftermath took a big toll to my body. Back then, I ran with no strategy or whatsover. Just plain run, speed as much as I can, walk if I am tired and head to the finishing line. So the following Monday, I was walking in pain, legs were sore, and body was aching all over. That was my first run.

I will write more about my runs in the future. It could be a past or future events, in order making up the loss time. So, stay tune y'all