Friday, July 23, 2010

A first hand experience to triathlon.

I just started to learn how to swim at the tender age of 34 (LOL!). So, no, I am not doing the triathtlon event by myself at this point. There is an event, Port Dickson triathlon which will take place this Sunday in PD (duh!) A friend invited me to join his relay team after his friend has to pull out at the very last minute. I agreed to the invitation immediately, as this will be the chance for me to be part of this triathlon experience.

I will be doing the running discipline, 10km distance. The other two disciplines will be swimming 700m and bicycle ride for 4okm.

Back to my swimming lessons, slowly but surely, I have improved over time and deep down in my heart, I would like to try compete in triathlon in future. I need to be more confident in the water and breathing properly.The bike bit shouldnt be a problem. All I need is to start clocking mileage.

So let's see how it goes this weekend....I will let you know about it....

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